Saint Moritz Hof: Design & Siting
Ram's Horn Mountain
Estes Park, Colorado
Saint Moritz Hof has been conceived for two incomparable properties where the Rocky Mountains magically reach out to you. Forgive your family and friends for thinking they have been transported to Saint Moritz Switzerland, Queenstown New Zealand or the Austrian Alps. Your surroundings here are more like a scene from The Sound of Music than an easily accessible location 20 minutes west of Estes Park, Colorado.

In this mountain work of art, Portfolio shows off. The forms of a Colorado "mineshaft settlement" are borrowed to masterfully blend a man-made design naturally into the rugged mountain backdrop made by nature.

Upon entering any of these townhomes, imagine stepping into one of the historic grand lodges of the western national parks. A client remarks: "The other mortals out there need to experience these timber-truss interiors and spectacular ceilings ... they can elevate your life!"

Walk yourself through the spaces. The flow and amenities are money in your pocket, exactly suited for luxury vacation rentals and a second home real estate investment.



  A: Miners Pass
  B: Medicine Bow
  C: Moraine Basin
  D: Sky Camp
The Continental Divide from property
Floor Plans (Miners Pass & Medicine Bow): Floor Plans (Moraine Basin & Sky Camp):