The Self-Guided Virtual Tour

After viewing the 3D images on this website, you can take a self-guided “walk” through each townhome and take in some “birdseye” views of the exteriors. This virtual tour is an easy and fun exploration similar to a computer game, allowing you to orbit around and walk (fly!) through each townhome.

Similar to PDF files requiring the free Adobe Reader software, the virtual tour file needs the BIMx Desktop Viewer software installed on your computer. This free software comes from Graphisoft, the company that developed the ArchiCAD software which Portfolio uses to create its 3D building images.

To take the virtual tour of these four Saint Moritz townhome units, there are five steps. YOU WILL NEED TO FOLLOW THE DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS in this printable PDF file.

  1. Only once, download the free software from Graphisoft called BIMx Viewer. This software is needed to open and use the Virtual Tour file, called the BIMx Model. (BIM is the buzzword for "Building Information Model".)
  2. After successfully downloading the BIMx Viewer application, we need to send you the townhome (BIMx Model) file from our Graphisoft company account. We can send the file directly to you, to your Estes Park real estate agent, or to some other confidential email address of your choosing.
  3. After you have the townhome (BIMx Model) file, you will be able to open the 3D Virtual Tour, where some very minor and easy changes to a few settings should be done.
  4. For whichever townhome unit you are interested in, we recommend printing out the floor plans. These will help with navigating through the building.
  5. Do the 3D Virtual Tour and learn more about the architectural features and vacation lifestyle embodied in Saint Moritz Hof!